How to look good in videos: 5 tricks to catch someones attention!

This weeks blog post is in english and that´s because i´m helping a girl out in the US. Her main question is how to look good in videos and look like she means business. If you wanna know some tricks to catch your customers attention, keep reading.



This is Kandee Johnson who has over 1 million subscribers to her Youtube channel and with over 194 millions view on her videos, this girl knows how to catch the eyes.

This will catch your ideal customers attention!


Are you like Sarah wondering how to get out there and draw attention to your customers? You feel like your style is too comfortabel and just not fit into videos? Just relax and follow this steps to be hot and about in videos:


  • Be yourself. So easy and so simple but often people forget this. I watch a lot of videos on youtube and the people I get drawn to time after time is the one who is real. So just talk to the camera like your would talk to a friend. Your customers will like you if you talk from the heart and have a relax and confident voice.
  • Create a nice background. Flowers, nice paintings, candlelights etc will look good in videos and your customers get to know you a bit if your record this at your house. But recording in the nature is also very nice to do. Just create surroundings so your customers feel like home.
  • You are your business! This means that everyone will look at you. Think about what you wear in videos. I recommend colorful tops, white t shirts with necklaces, lots of ring. If you use your hands a lot in the videos think about your manicure and if you like, wear cute nailpolish that fits your business.
  • Wear some make up. I know a lot of women don´t use so much make up but to make it simple for you: two coates of mascara, some lipstick and some blush and your good to go. If you feel pale just add som bronzers to your face.
  • Hair. Don´t forget to style your hair. You can braid, curl, twist just use some time on it and look put together. If you like you can use some shinespray to look like you just come from the hairdresser.

“You ´re never really dressed without a smile”



4 outfit to wear in videos all under $110


So this is Sarah´s question: 

I hate shopping for clothes and I walk around looking like I live in a barn in clothes that I got 5 years ago. I love outdoorsy comfortable clothes – I have a 6 year old boy and work around dogs.

I don’t have any clothes I would feel appropriate wearing in a video blog but I want to get out there, even though it makes “vibrate” so much!

I really don’t like shopping in stores and would prefer online shopping, and nothing too pricey.

Can someone help me find some new clothes that help me feel/look like a business owner?


Hi Sarah! I have put together 4 outfits for you that you can buy online from H&M. I love H&M because its cheap and they are up to date when it comes to trends. I think you can focus on the accessories and use more earrings, rings on your fingers, and necklaces with simple white tees. Scarfs is also very affordable and you can mix and match as you like.




Coral/pink shirt 9.95, dark purple dotted shirt 17,95,  purple cardigan 19,95, necklace12,95, orange blouse 12,95, Scarf 12,95, bold ring 4,95


I´ve put together a look I think you would like. Colorful and sporty at the same time. The colors will look good on camera and you stay true to your comfortable style, and best of all all, this cost only $108. And you can buy it online!

Hope you like this Sarah and to all others if you like this post please share it. 


Have a nice day!

Hugs from Camilla



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